First, let me say… there is no sense in stewing over things gone by in the past… let it go and be a happier person for it.

Our young men’s AAU careers are now at an end… who knows, some day THEY may be the ones out doing the coaching on an AAU floor.
Whimper, cry, cheer… do what you must.

Even with the season ending frustrations, in the end, it was really a pretty decent final year when you look back at it:

  • finished with a record of 25-20.
  • finished the season ranked #24 in the state (of ALL 17u AAU squads)
  • finished in semi-finals of Des Moines – Midwest LIVE! Tournament
  • finished in semi-finals of NY2LA Spring Extravaganza
  • finished with 6 of 9 players ranked in the top 250 – 2018 grads OVERALL in the state
  • several players were talked to by many college coaches
  • at least 2 players (Keegan and JJ) that received write-ups on the Prep Hoops website (If I missed someone let me know, I’ll update this gladly!)

I will leave everyone with this simple statement:
This was the most “basketball talented” team that JJ has ever played on, and he was quite honored to be personally invited by Crossfire’s Nathan Bellefeuille to be a part of it.
He very much enjoyed getting to know and play with such a talented group.

Also I’d like to send a special thank you to Tyler Schmidt for taking the time our of a very busy college coaching schedule (and personal life) to coach our players this season.

The Strumbels would also like to wish everyone in our Crossfire extended family the very best fortune in their future endeavors.

Please, stay in touch and let us know how your senior year and life after High School goes!

BTW: I’ll be sending out an email in the near future about how to obtain a pocket-drive with ALL of the videos I shot all season (in HD Quality — instead of that crappy YouTube compressed HD).

~ THE Admin

It all must come to an end…