The NY2LA tournament followed an interesting format. 40 teams vying to get get into the 32 team Platinum bracket. Teams that were known power-houses were “grand-fathered” into the Platinum so whether they lost or won their Friday night qualifier didn’t matter. Our team wasn’t so lucky, we had to go through the “Win to get in” games (8 of them).
Winners got into the Platinum Bracket, losers fell into the Silver/Bronze Brackets.
We won, so started up in the Platinum.
Unfortunately due to the organization of the bracket we started against a VERY good 43 Hoops team (that went on to finish as Runner-Up in the Platinum bracket).
So yes… that means they beat us… soundly, and pushed us into the Gold Bracket instead.
We didn’t play well, and the game could have been a lot closer, but this team is good.

Once in the Gold Bracket, every game was a WIN or BE ELIMINATED scenario.
Got a walk-over win over Real Athletics Robinson.
Got a “revenge” win over a STACKED MN-Select Leafblad squad.
And then finally got knocked out of the bracket in the Semi-Final game against a VERY good South Dakota Attack squad giving them all they could handle.

Game Results:
Game 1 vs (WI) Blizzard Kuranda – WIN 50-36
Game 2 vs (MN) 43 Hoops – LOSS 60-28
Game 3 vs (MN) Real Athletics Robinson – WIN 65-55
Game 4 vs (MN) Select Leafblad – WIN 58-53
Game 5 vs (SD) SD Attack – LOSS 52-44

The final game was a LOT closer than the score indicates, lots of fouls and “chances taken” at the end ballooned the spread.
In reality it was about a 4 or 5 point game.

Again, one game away from the championship game.
Sadly the SD Attack game we had firmly in hand by 14 points early on… and gave it away.
Once we got the lead our team play turned into “hero” play instead of continuing on with what got us there.
Hard lesson to learn, but an important one.


NY2LA Extravaganza – Hopkins/Mtka/Eden P